Top 10 Kate Upton Videos

June 24, 2012 Posted by admin

Impeccable Sports salutes the 40th Anniversary of Title IX, aka the Federal Law which is best known for promoting High School and College sports programs for women. And in honor of this milestone, we will give you the top 10 videos of the most beautiful woman in the world, Kate Upton!

10. Kate Upton On the David Letterman Show

9. Kate Upton SOBE Staring Contest

8. Kate Upton Doing The Cat Daddy On Jimmy Fallon Show

7. Kate Upton GQ Photoshoot

6. Kate Upton Beach Bunny Swimwear

5. Kate Upton Hamburger Video

4. Kate Upton SI Swimsuit Video

3. Kate Upton Easter Bunny Video

2. Kate Upton Does The Dougie

1. Kate Upton Cat Daddy Video

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